Magda Oleksiewicz
"The Art of Making Choice. David Lynch and His Work in Relation to Neuroscientific Explorations on Human Brain and Consciousness."

“In the complex world of contemporary art - full of labels, elaborations, writings, subdivisions, “references” and movements - a statement made by Semir Zeki drew a clear boundary between ‘beauty’ and ‘art’ since Duchamp’s exhibition in 1917. Zeki compares the samples of literature, music, painting, sculpture and theater. He investigates whether there will be one common characteristic that is reflected in the organization of the human brain when it is experiencing beauty. Neurosciences limit the analysis to several examples from the canon of West and East culture. For years he has been scientifically investigating the neurobiology of visual, musical and moral beauty. He discovered that it is correlated with activity in a specific part of the emotional brain, field A1 of the medial orbitofrontal cortex. Later he expanded this research to the problem of beauty derived from such a highly intellectual and abstract source as mathematics. Zeki explored how the beauty of mathematics correlates activity in the same part of the emotional brain which is active during the perception of well - known artworks such as paintings, sculptures and classic music. He compared the language of mathematicians who can communicate regardless of native language, ethnic or gender to visual language that perhaps exists on similar principles. Zeki often refers to the concept of intuitive and 'natural' creative act in his statements. He also emphasizes the possibility of ambiguous interpretations of a single art work. (...) According to Zeki’s definition, based on years of research on the functioning of the brain, the most important goal of art is acquiring knowledge (not “knowing”). Again Zeki underlines that for centuries artists were not guided by scientific knowledge but by an intuition about how the brain works. (...)"
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2019 | 21 November - 01 December | 'Fragments' Solo Exhibition at A4 Sounds Gallery, St. Joseph Parade, Dublin 1
2019 | 30 May - 09 June | ‘We've been thinking about…’ Graduate Exhibition, TU DSCA Grangegorman
2018 | March 22 -25 | ‘Sympoetic’ 3rd year Group Show at Farmleigh, Cow Shed Gallery, Dublin
2017 | August 17 - September 11 | ‘Island / Wyspa’ Solo exhibition at City Museum of Contemporary Art, Kielce, Poland
2016 | November 8 -10 | ‘Extremity’ 2nd year Group Show (sculpture module) at DSCA Grangegorman
2014 | June 17 Solo exhibition at Ballymun Culture Festival, Axis Centre, Ballymun, Dublin

2019 BA Fine Art Student Award; Most Original Research in Thesis, Visual Artists Ireland
2019 BA Fine Art Student Award; The KM Evans Art Supplies Award, KM Evans Art Supplies
2019 BA Fine Art Student Award; A4 TU Dublin Graduate Award, A4 Sounds
2019 BA Fine Art Longlisted for the 2019 RDS Visual Art Awards
1996 Honored in National Competition for Art Students, Bielsko - Biala, Poland
1994 Honored in National Art Competition for Children, Poland

Magda Oleksiewicz

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