Lost in Aesthetics
From Splendor of Lascaux to No Longer Art
Research Project

Informal postgraduate studies with a reference to selected representational paintings. In these selected works I used my previous experience in the field of academic art, architecture, art history and intuitive understanding of mathematics. These fields interweave in neuroscientific research by Semir Zeki on the so-called emotional brain.

Hans Memling
Rogier van der Weyden
Jan van Eyck
L. da Vinci

"As a scientist, I am interested in how human brain systems are involved in the perception of beauty. This is the same question - to be solved empirically - as questions about how brain systems are responsible for the perception of color or face.
Semir Zeki

“The Art Instinct” Denis Dutton

“Intention, forgery, dada: three aesthetic problems. Philosophy of art, as an academic discipline, for a long time abounded in paradoxes and reflections that resulted from their detailed analysis (from their dissection). The usual course of action here, as in many other branches of philosophy, is to analyze conflicting views and either show how to correct one or the other, or demonstrate how a new understanding of a paradox makes it disappear. Contemporary art philosophers devoted themselves to publishing books and articles with titles such as The Logic of Criticism, The Concept of Art, or The Structure of Aesthetics. However, if we look at a large part of these works, we will discover that the paradoxes on which aesthetics as a discipline is based - discrepancies that lead to shrewd analysis instead of bland description - are the resultant and manifestation of various, often contradictory opinions about art, the source of which lies deep in the human psyche . The requirement of logical analysis, which is part of the philosophical standards, becomes unfeasible here, because - as it turns out - it is difficult to find an answer to the question of where these contradictory opinions and intuitions come from in a person. To reach this level of explanation, we must turn to evolution.”

Selected Works


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