20_ Collective


"Education is the main transmission of culture.
Culture, on the other hand, is stronger than money."
Norman Davies





'The world is quite small today, but history is vast and profound. Sometimes you can go much further by sitting in your own home and reading a history book than by boarding a ship or plane and traveling thousands of kilometers'
Gilbert Highet

20_collective presents a series of educational online research projects. Our main project "Lucy" is developing simultanously on Instagram and on this website. 'Lucy' is the result of creative work of our all members. We focus basicaly on diversity, individuality and studio practice. We are trying to restore the taken meaning and value of handicraft and workshop. We move freely between areas such as painting, embroidery, drawing, multimedia, research, video art and performance. Our collaborative research in many areas often evolves into more individual concepts and realizations. We often work on the same subject, focusing on a completely different aspects of the issue. The progress of our work as well as the bibliography are regularly supplemented and updated online