The Fly

2012 - 2022


Flight of the Fly
10 km in 15 minutes
200 wing bites in one second
159 knots done in approx. 1.5hr

How many hours was the flight?

The Fly


About the Project

Based on "Mathematical Formula of a Bee" (August 2021)

"Data for fruit fly flight: The base: 10 kilometers flight in 15 minutes done in a real time in 30 sequences from random thread cuts.
Thread cuts are wing bits: from approx 200 bits per second a 159 was done in approx 1.30 hr. Number of cuts was assigned to the number of knots in one cut. The color of the thread was changed suddenly while disturbed to cyan blue. The result was 30 calendar days + numbers where 12 dates were read both ways.
18 dates were immediately identified (t shirt yarn) as family / friends bdays or events.

How many hours was the flight?

Spider, Spider on the Wall and an infinite number of speculative theories in physics:

Selected drawings from "Melancholia” (early 2019) represented a simulation of the past that has been slowly recovered from data. Line over femal bodies from historical paintings: thread, paper, blank wall and nails (the nails themselves are a ‘scoop’, one could construct at least a few chapters on this). From the beginning of cognitive evolution and first hand - stitches, through a hand on a prehistoric cave wall to deconstructivist form in Zaha Hadidt’s head. Non-invasive, whispering geometric mesh, light and elusive as the rustling of wings.

What is the distance from the beginning of the fly's path to its end?
What is the size of the path?
How many kilometers has the fly traveled?
Why is the question 'How long did the flight take?' wrong or more precisely: very inelegant?
Why did the Flight of the Fly take 299792.458 km?
Why 28,800 km in 30 days wasn’t done?
Is the Fly still flying?
Where is the Fly sleeping now?
Why do men assume in advance that women are more stupid?
What is the benchmark if physicists are wrong?
Is philosophy a diagram?
Is it no secret that ambition bites the nails of success?
Why more is less?
Why are the stars not falling from the sky? Tonight.

"Solaris - the ocean and a source of electric, magnetic, gravitational impulses - spoke as if in the language of mathematics; certain sequences of its current discharges could be classified using the most abstract branches of earthly analysis, set theory, there were homologues of structures known from this field of physics, which deals with the consideration of the mutual relation of energy and matter, finite and infinite quantities, particles and fields - all this led scientists to believe that they had a thinking monster in front of them, that it is a kind of a millionfold enlarged protoplasmic sea-brain that girds the entire planet, which spends time on amazing in its extent theoretical deliberations on the essence of all things, and everything that our cameras capture, it is tiny, accidentally overheard scraps of that immense monologue that is going on eternally in the depths, surpassing all our understanding of the gigantic monologue."

Sabine Hossenfelder "Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray" (June 2018 )
Semir Zeki "Splendors and Miseries of the Brain: Love, Creativity, and the Quest for Human Happiness" (2009)
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Elizabeth Wayland Barber "Women's Work : The First 20,000 Years Women, Cloth, and Society in Early Times" (January 1996)
Nathan Lents “Human Errors : A Panorama of Our Glitches, From Pointless Bones to Broken Genes” (June 2020)
Stanislaw Lem "Solaris" (1960)