2016 - 2020


Etching, aquatint, collagraph




About "Hair"

β€œIt may well be impossible for people who have lived and prospered under a given social system to imagine the point of view of those who feel it offers them nothing, and who can contemplate its destruction without any particular dismay.” ― Michel Houellebecq, Submission
My project during printing module based on study of semiotics. Important was symbolism of hair, among other, the perception of this symbol over the centuries in religious performances. I also refered to Richard Dawkin's and Christopher Hitchen's books. These two authors often analyzes the problem of mental religious indoctrination of children (Dawkins) and critisize a various forms of assault of children, such as circumcision (Hitchens). In my second project (screen print) I refered to a symbolic representation of Jesus in paintings and sculptures. The main theme of my work was to question why the image of Jesus was so different from his probable appearance of Mid - East Jew. In my research important was a figure of Judas and related persecution due to the color of his hair.

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