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Notebook: Professional Practice

Professional Practice Assignments Guidelines

1. Detailed description of an artwork

Write a 200 word description of an artwork you saw in person in a gallery in Dublin/outside Dublin during this semester . Pick a work that excites or challenges you and develop your thinking about it in some more depth. Use this very short text to describe the physical attributes of the chosen artwork to a viewer who may not have seen it. It may also be useful to read in more depth about the artist or artwork, using catalogue essays and books and/or reference material provided by the gallery. This document is to be typed, spelling checked and all sources to be correctly referenced (see DIT guidelines on academic writing in your student handbook.)


2. List of (10) works with accompanying images

10 works/images is a rough guide. What I need to see is a sense of your practice. Sometimes more than one image may be necessary to truly represent a work/installation/video. A minimum of 3 works should be well represented in your visual portfolio (if for example you make installations/videos) Your visual portfolio should be formatted as a PDF, and images should be labelled with dimensions, media etc., longer descriptions may be used in order to clarify scale, lighting etc. The final document should be of a suitable size and quality for e-mail and include links to vimeo/youtube if appropriate.


3. Reflective Journal (including research & ephemera)

Create and maintain a reflective journal based on your research and exhibition visits and our discussions. The function of this journal is to record your research, your observations of your experiences, and a place to record further reflections as your understanding develops. The format of the Reflective Journal: You should take hand written notes during gallery visits and when the show is of particular interest allow it to be a space for further research into the artist or similar artists. The Reflective Journal can to be developed and added to over the duration of the year. Gather in your notebook or folder your research from before/during/after gallery visits (printouts and photocopies) and any ephemera relating to the event, such as leaflets, hand-outs, preview cards, that you pick up along the way.