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Notebook: New Media

New Media - Research about New Media and Artists

What is a new media art?


1. ISSTA - The Irish Sound, Science and Technology Association is an organisation that brings together practitioners integrating fields of music, art, sound, science and technology. It serves musicians, researchers, scientists, engineers and artists by promoting sound within the arts, science and technology, within Irish and international communities.ISSTA
2. New-media art: An Irish context Read more
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4. What is a New Art? IMMA Booklet IMMA Booklet .pdf
Art Basel Channel5. Art Basel on line

Video Artists

1. Rachel Rose

Bomb Magazine - Rachel Rose
Pillacorias website - Rachel Rose

EAT 2016 Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose: Palisades

2. Cecile Evans

Conversations, Artistic Practice, The Artist as Technologist
Cécile B. Evans interview: The Virtual is Real

3. Hito Steyerl

e- flux
Too much world - is the internet dead?


Alan James Burns

Glitch Art, Glitch Aesthetic, The New Aesthetic

Sabato Visconti
John Karborn
Philip Stearns

8 Artists Are Bringing Art Into The Real World
What glitch art is and why it matters?

Virtual Reality Artists

Rachel Rossin
How One Artist Uses Reality as Her Medium
Todd Margolis

VR Is For Artists
Virtual reality is the most powerful artistic medium of our time

New Media Artists, Ireland

Les Levine

Les Levine is a conceptual artist and one of the originators of media art. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1935. Early on, he recognized the potential of television as an art medium and a means of mass dissemination. He was one of the first artists to use videotape. Levine regards himself as a “media sculptor” and has used outdoor advertising, posters, television, radio, and telephone conversations in his work... Read more

John Buckley

Buckley is an artist, researcher and educator, lecturing in 3D Modelling, Real-time Rendering and VFX on the BA in 3D Design, Modelmaking and Digital Art in IADT Dun Laoghaire, where he also supervises Masters by Research in Visual Arts Practice and Cyberpsychology. John is also a Unity developer with the digital design company Noho. His practice is focused on virtual and augmented reality technologies, videogames and real-time visualisation and his research interests are in the philosophy, politics and modalities of perception in digital cultures.

Liam Slevin

Installations and Sound-Based Performances... Read more

Richard Mosse

Infrared Color Film, Richard Mosse is an Irish conceptual documentary photographer. He is best known for his photographs of the war in the Eastern Congo using color infrared film intended to create a new perspective on conflict... Read more