2012 - present


“Habitat” is about tracing and mapping routes of our rented flats and houses, walks, short journeys around Dublin and playgrounds in local parks.



About the Project

Ongoing research work

The idea of “Habitat” refers to the reality where we do not really understand the concepts of a traditional family home, stability and belonging to a state or nation. This reality is fluid, nomadic and indefinite. At the same time, it is somewhat the same reality in which our distant ancestors wandered from one place to another, seeking refuge and creating new concepts, our true nature. On these foundations, we try to recreate our memories from where we used to live.

“Habitat” is about tracing and mapping routes of our rented flats and houses, walks, short journeys around Dublin and playgrounds in local parks. On these maps we draw / paint or sculpt objects and installations resembling city plans and public spaces. Our materials are memories, smells, sounds, light, flavors and observed nature.

Originally, it was an experimental project in which I attempted to understand and explain to my child our place in an environment quite different from the multi-generation home. Within a few months, it evolved into collective work, a series of workshops for schools and many other derivative and co-existing research works. Eventually the most important part became creating conditions in which the individual exhibition is only an excuse to meet in the local environment, make commitment, relate, and then collaborate.

In this way, the seemingly hermetic gallery / studio space becomes a public domain, a social sculpture inside safe and supervised public space. In a similar way, in fact, for mobile families, regularly visited public places should become a safe space and a serene memory of adolescence.

The process of creating a collaborative sculpture is divided into stages in line with architectural design: from drawing on a map, structuring and relating to the environment to introducing materiality, colors and light. The joint work of all participants is also the exchange of books and interesting essays on various historical and social phenomena, anthropology, evolutionary psychology and so on. Manufacturing goods by hand emphasizes the value of our own labor in relation to mass production. It raises the question of finding a value of our primary skills in the contemporary, mechanized world. In turn, theoretical work, performed collectively on this project, refers to the well-being of the individual, which in turn contributes to the mental health of groups.
*This work will be implemented at the further stage as a series of workshops for primary and secondary schools.