Chaos | Xaoc


"Education is the main transmission of culture.
Culture, on the other hand, is stronger than money."
Norman Davies



Research Project

Inferno liberabis

Free will is the biology we haven't discovered yet"
Robert Sapolsky (2017)

Chaos | Xaoc is a journey through selected political, ethnic, economy and social conflicts over the centuries.
Some written research about individual events will be published regularly on this website and on social media.
In our collaborative work, we will try to analyze some more general concepts related to conflict, such as minorities or the crowd. In addition, we will refer to our common situation of European Union citizens, our origins and our individual experiences with history.
In the space of our common/ separate studios will try to response to men's historical clothing, ornaments and armor often made by women. We have always shared violence comparatively, in many different ways.