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"20_collective presents an educational project developing on social media platform: Instagram.




"Lucy" is a journey of the alleged "mother of mankind", Australopithecus afarensis Lucy, through the landscape - time and space, the evolution of life on Earth and the history of humanity. Our intention was to systematize the general knowledge about us human beings and our environment, passed on by contemporary intellectuals and scientists who are important to us. While creating "Lucy", we will read through many books and lectures and we will be sharing these materials with you in the next couple of months. Each one of you can follow our progress of work on this project and use the educational materials provided on our fb page (20_collective). In this way, we are becoming both archivists and creators, whose work can be evaluated by the public on an ongoing basis. It was very important for us to avoid institutions, grants or residencies in the process of creating "Lucy". Our goal is the focus on our independent, intellectual and artistic work. We did not want the availability of large funds to have any impact on the final result of our project.

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